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He is 59 or 60 years old

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2008-03-16 14:37:32
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Q: How old is Cece Winan's husband Alvin Love Jr?
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Who is Cece Winans husband?

Alvin Love

Did cece winans divorce Alvin love?

No they are still married have been for 28 years

What church does Cece Winans attend?

CeCe Winans attends Born Again Church in Nashville, Tennessee. *Update: The above was written in 2011. Reportedly, today she and her husband Alvin Love II pastor the Life Church in Nashville. By the way, the Winans family grew up in the Church Of God in Christ.

How old is CeCe Winans?

Gospel singer Priscilla "CeCe" Winans (Love) is 53 years old (birthdate: October 8, 1964).

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When was Crazy Love - CeCe Peniston song - created?

Crazy Love - CeCe Peniston song - was created on 1992-09-25.

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YES Mario Winans married his long time love Joy Winans and they live in NYC with their 3 children.

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