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Q: How old is Bridget hennessay in the gods of Manhattan series?
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What is the main characters for the book gods of Manhattan?

Rory and Bridget Henessy

Is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series referenced in the serpent's shadow by Rick Riordan?

I don't think so. Although, it was referenced briefly in the Red Pyramid, when Amos said, "Manhattan has other problems, other gods."

Greeks worshipped a series of gods and goddessescalled the?


How did the Norse gods fall?

The Norse gods fell due to Ragnarok which was a series of events sending in a giant battle in which the major gods were killed.

How do Gods become Gods in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?

You never find out because Percy refuses.

Will there be a 3rd book to Oh your Gods?

As of now, Tera Lynn Childs is done with her Oh. My. Gods. series.

What books are in the OH MY GODS series by terra Lynn child's?

well, there are only 2 books in the oh my gods series and those are: 1) oh my gods (duh!) 2) goddess boot camp Ive read them both about a million times and i love them.

What is the mountain the gods live in in the Percy Jackson Series?

Mount Olympus

Who fed the gods his son in the Odyssey?

tantalus in the Percy Jackson series

Will there be a new series of demigods?

Yes it is called Nemo Daily and The Egyption Gods.

What period of time is the Gods and Warriors series set in?

The Gods and Warriors series is set in ancient Bronze Age Greece. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Hylas as he navigates the dangers and mysteries of this ancient world.

Where was setting the battle in the last Olympian?

Manhattan and olyumpus fought by Percy annabeth demigods hunters of Artemis hades Demeter persephone monsters typhon and the gods