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Q: How old do you have to be to play woozworld?
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Does Taylor Swift play on woozworld?

She dont play woozworld because she too old for it

Does One Direction Play WoozWorld?

No One Direction does not play WoozWorld

How old is shamwooz on woozworld?

Shamwooz is 500 years old on woozworld

Is wooz world for 5 and 10 years old?

i play woozworld i put 11 and I'm 11 years old i think u could play if your 10

Does prodigy from Mindless Behavior have woozworld?

How old are you...? He is 16 years old. What would he be doing on WoozWorld??

How do you play woozworld on a phone?

U cant play woozworld on u phone i try trust me :( u can just play in iPAD if u have

Does woozworld cost money?

does the game woozworld cost money every time you play it

Can you play woozworld on ps3?

No it is an online game

How old is iro in woozworld?


How old is Kenny woozworld?


How old is Kenny on woozworld?


How old is Kenny in woozworld?