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Twice a month :)

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Q: How often should you trim your hair?
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How often should the hair on your head be trimmed?

Ideally, if you want short healthy hair, trim every six weeks - every two months.If trying to grow long healthy hair, trim every two months - every three months.

Why should you trim your dog's hair?

You should trim your dog's hair because there could be a lot of trapped dirt or fleas in there. You should also do it to make your dog look nice.

How often do you cut your hair when you want it to grow?

Trim it, only when it is neccesary.

What should you do if your pubic hair is longer than your genitals?

Trim your hair. Be careful not to cut yourself but it is perfectly reasonable to give yourself a trim in that area.

Is bodytrim dangerous for body?

No it is not. Think of it this way... you need to trim you toe nails including fingernails. You should also trim your hair every 6 months. People may not want to trim their nails or hair, but they should. Including all of this, body trim is healthy for your body.

During which phase of the moon should you cut hair?

To grow your hair faster, trim ends or cut hair during the New Moon. To grow your hair thicker/longer, trim or cut hair during the Full Moon.

Tips to grow long hair?

Sleep more Trim the tips of hair often And eat more vegetables and fruits.

Should you go for a hair cut before or after a hair spa treatment?

before. because if i had my hair spa, my hairstylist always trim my hair

How do you grow hair fast?

if you trim your hair i will grow faster remember only trim it do not cut it trim it

How do you grow African American hair long?

Trim you hair every week,from split ends. Take naps more often.

How can i make a child's hair grow?

The child's hair should grow faster if you trim it but you can't make it grow faster

How often should a woman get a haircut?

It all depends on your own personal taste. When you feel it is too long for your liking, go ahead and trim it. There is no set timeline in which you should be trimming your hair, although most people notice a difference in their hair length every 2 or 3 weeks.