How often should you power wash your house?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Once a year is good enough. However, if your house located near trees and is prone to dust and mold, consider power washing twice a year, or probably more often. It also depends on the material of your house. Concrete can withstand more frequent power washing than wood.

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Environmental wear can speed up the decay of your outdoor structures, forcing untimely and costly repairs or replacements. To protect your home and investments, consider hiring a professional pressure washer or renting a pressure washing machine to remove:

Dirt and gunk

Mildew, mold, and algae buildup

Grease and oil stains

Rust deposits

Pressure washing can renew your exterior with a fresh, clean appearance, but it is also useful when:

Slippery and dangerous mildew poses a hazard

Preparing to sell your home. A quality pressure washing job can take years off your home’s appearance, which will help make that crucial first impression to buyers a positive one.

Preparing to refinish, stain, or seal wood structures, such as fences, decks, and siding.

It’s time to repaint your exterior.

Preparing outdoor areas for family fun and entertaining during the spring and summer.

For even more efficient cleaning, consider using an attachment that was designed specifically for the job you need to complete. Here are some popular pressure washer attachments:

Pressure Washer Surface cleaner from bestcargurus: This attachment uses a spinning bar to distribute the high-pressure stream of water over a larger surface area using twin rotating outlets allowing you to get an even clean for large areas. This surface cleaner is helpful for cleaning large expanses of concrete, like a driveway.

Telescopic spray wand from bestcargurus: An expandable wand will give you more reach when you need to clean surfaces up high without using a ladder. This Telescopic Spray Wand can extend up to 18 ft. and you can even adjust it by using just the amount of sections you need to give you great accuracy. You can use this telescopic wand to reach your sidings, windows, gutters and more!

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Q: How often should you power wash your house?
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