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Q: How often should you get steroids injections in your back?
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Will your penis go back to normal after steroids?

Depends on your age when you took them. If past puberty, it should get back to normal after all of the steroids are out of your body and it has had a chance to readjust.

Cortisone injections for cervical foraminal injections and side effects?

what are the side effects for foramital cervical injections? I am a 49 yr old female with cervical stenosis and osteoarthritis and its been recommended that I have an injection. My concern is weight gain or "blowing up" from the steroids. My pain is not bad now that I am on neurontin (another concern too) so if my pain comes back I will consider the injections but a friend of mine had the injections and weight gain was a big issue for her. Thanks elizabeth

What is the needle length for intradermal injections?

The needle length for intradermal injections is 3/8" to 3/4" for baby or an adult. Intradermal injections are placed in back of upper arm, upper chest and upper back.

Do steroids like testoserone help with back pain?


Did the rock take steroids?

YeAh the boy took some steroids but who know who Johnny Flynn is he put the team on his back do

How do you get rid of hayfever?

You cant actually get rid of hay fever, Its a reaction that happens in the body which gives you rashes, Makes you sneeze and your eyes water. If you are lucky its can eventually fade, But it could come back at any time. The best way to tackle it is to consult your doctor which can then give you medication to treat the problem such as; Pills, Noise sprays, injections and if it is really bad you may be given a programs of steroids (Dont worry there are 100 different types of steroids, They do not have the same effect as anabolic steroids which are completely different) Hope this helps!

Will anabolic steriods help back pain?

Steroids have the side-effect of sometimes creating "back pumps" which would actually cause more back pain. Unless your back pain is from a muscle needing recovery (doubtful), anabolic steroids will do nothing positive for it.

dare back injections painful?

Yes, it well only be a few hours.

Why did Shawn merriman use steroids?

beaceause he wanted to get back to the man he used to be

What is the view by experts on treating low back pain with cortisone injections?

Although some doctors use cortisone injections to relieve the pain, this form of treatment is still debated.

Where did anabolic steroids happen?

way back in 1745 b.c when sampson beat goliath

Can you mix pain killers with steroids?

No definitely not. Not only is it a bad drug but you can go to the ER for it. Steroids are horrible drugs. If I were you I'd read the directions on the back to see or ask a doctor.