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Ideally, if you want short healthy hair, trim every six weeks - every two months.

If trying to grow long healthy hair, trim every two months - every three months.

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Q: How often should the hair on your head be trimmed?
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What is the summary of for The Haircut?

when the hair on your head gets cut or trimmed.

What does it mean to have your hair in a quiff?

The meaning of the phrase "to have one's hair in a quiff" refers to hairstyle. The style is to have a large amount of hair at the top front of the head and short trimmed hair on the sides and back.

Does nose hair grow faster when trimmed?

No, no hair grows faster or get thicker when trimmed or plucked etc. this is a common myth. short hair appears to grow faster than long hair because there are less natural breaks in the hair etc. all similar hairs grow at the same speed (based on hormones) the hair on your head grows at the same speed as every other hair on your head, your nose hair grows at the same speed as all the other nose hairs wether you pluck or trim hope this helps

Does getting hair just trimmed help pass hair tests?

No because they test the hair follicle, i.e. the part of the hair that stays snugg on our head rug, closest to bloods flo. Therfore the most recent and has button to nuttin to do with a trim

Does turning you head upside down help hair growth?

No you cant make your hair grow.It does it naturally.If you want your hair to be long every 4 months cut only a inch of (dead ends) so that it can grow better.Make sure you wash your hair every other day to keep it nice__________________Actually, hair should be trimmed every 8 weeks for it to be healthy and grow quickly.

How do you prefer you men balding head of hair or simply bald?

Neither. I want my guy to have a full head of hair Answer What should be most important is the man, not his hair.

Why does scalp hair grows faster than hair on the rest of the body?

The more often you cut your hair, the quicker it grows back. Therefore, since we cut the hair on our head so often, it grows the fastest.

How can you get rid of head lice in under a week?

I recommend washing your hair more often,combing your hair everyday,and for more safety,cut your hair.

Why is my chest and abdomen hair is black while the rest of my body and head are brown hair?

If you look closely, the individual strands of hair are of different colors, even on your head. It is not unusual for body hair that develops after puberty to be a different color than head hair, and especially darker. Blond men, for instance, often have reddish beards. Brown-haired men often have darker body hair. Sometimes men with black hair can have body hair or pubic that almost looks blue.

What if your head hurts you have dandruff and you have scabs under your hair What should you do?

You should see a dermatologist.

Should I shave my head?

That's your choice, but before shaving your head you should consider the weather. It's chilly without hair.

Does head hair change during puberty I'm a 15 year old male?

It can seem to change because the hair on your head will often times get greasier during puberty. Look for a shampoo for oily hair to help.