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Q: How often should older adults urinate?
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Why might Zantac need to be dose-adjusted in older adults?

Older adults often have decreased kidney function.

How to talk with older people?

Adults, or 'Older People' often respect younger people when they can use correct grammar, spelling, and enunciation. Also, adults tent to have a wider vocabulary than the generation after them. Using longer and more intelligent words often will often grab an adults' attention, and have them paying more attention than normal.

Older children and adults who are lactose intolerant should adjust their diets based on what factors?

Older children and adults can adjust their intake of lactose depending on how much and what they can tolerate.

Can older adults get chickenpox?

Yes, older adults can get chickenpox if they haven't had it before.

What does salmonella typhimurium attack most often?

salmonella typhimurium attacks young kids and older adults.

Why should not to use dextromethrophan under 2 years patient?

Drugs often have different effects on babies than on older children and adults. This has to do with development of the child's organs as it grows. The manufacturer has determined that the drug should not be given to babies. Believe them.

Why should kids get exercise?

just like adults, kids build fat and need to burn it off. the only difference is as we get older our metabolism slows and that's why you see adults working out more often than kids. excess fat for any human being in any age is unhealthy.

An Education For Life?

An education is something that you should not miss out on, even if you have to wait until you are older to get it. Adults are just as capable of going to college as younger people, and are often more appreciative. Find a field of study that you are interested in and do your best at it.

One aspect of mineral nutrition of older adults?

Older adults will not need as many calories because they are more sedentary and move around less. Vitamins and minerals are more important for older adults to keep bones healthy.

Do adults grow fewer teeth then children?

adults have 32

What is urge incontinence and where do you get it?

Some of the symptoms of urge incontinence are loss of urine when you exert pressure on your bladder by laughing, coughing, or sneezing. Often you will have a sudden urge to urinate and then accidently urinate. If you have these symptoms, or feel that there is a problem, you should contact your physician.

What is the most common cause of cardiac arrest in adults?

since adults are older than children their body is older and more tired