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Q: How often must an insurance agent's appointment be renewed?
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What is an insurance lead?

Insurance leads are used by insurance agents to generate possible clients. Leads are often in the form of online surveys which generate traffic for the insurance company.

What is the difference between a producer and Agent?

None. There are several different types of insurance agents. "Producing Agents" are often referred to as Producers, Meaning they generally deal with the public and accept applications for insurance.

Who does a North Carolina real estate company have to cover with workers compensation insurance?

This would depend on the agents relationship with the company. Often times real estate agents are considered subcontractors and as such they would not be covered under workers compensation insurance.

Is it legal for an insurance agent to work for two insurance companies at the same time?

can a general insurance agent represent more than 2 companies

Where to find independent insurance agents?

Whoever you currently use as your bank should be able to assist you in finding an insurance agent. Affiliates of the bank often leave pamphlets and information with them.

How do you get cheap car insurance quote?

First, be careful that cheap is not your only goal. Value is what you should be looking for. You need to decide what type of coverage you need and what coverages you may be able to live without. Next you need to contact different insurance agents in your area. Direct writers are agents that work for one insurance company like State Farm or Allstate. The other type of agents are Independent Insurance Agents. These agents are not employed by any insurance companies but usually work for themselves and have contracts with many insurance companies. They then shop for you by getting quotes from several companies and giving you the prices and advice on the coverages. Often times you should select an agent you want to work with let them help you select an insurance company.

What do auto insurance specialists do?

It is an auto insurance specialist's duty to know the local law requirements for minimum automobile insurance and to help choose what plan best fits individual needs. These are often called car insurance agents as well.

How often does RSA Secureid need to be renewed?

The RSA Secureid is a very popular type of secured ID in America. The RSA Secureid needs to be properly renewed quite often, specifically it has to be renewed every year.

Facts about Insurance Agent School?

Insurance agents are required, at a minimum, to be licensed in order to sell insurance. Each state has different requirements. Insurance agencies usually have specific educational requirements that include a college degree. A degree in business and sales is most appropriate for insurance agents. After the initial requirement is filled, the potential employee will be required to go through insurance agent school. Insurance agent schools provide necessary tools for agents to perform their job properly. This includes customer relations, sales techniques, difference in types of insurance and how to properly execute the paperwork necessary to complete a transaction. An insurance agent school program is often paid for by the employer with the provision that the insurance agent works a designated amount of time with their office. This is a great way for potential insurance agents to get through school and into work immediately following successful completion of the program. Insurance agents usually work on a commission basis. That means that the agent makes a certain percentage of the amount of insurance he or she sells. If the agent is unable to secure any insurance sales, he or she will not make any money. The percentage of the commission depends on the company the insurance agent works for. It can run from 30% to 70% which is strictly dependent on the contract between the insurance agency and the insurance agent. It also depends on the type of insurance being sold. For example there is a difference between pay for homeowner's insurance and life insurance. Since many types of insurance are required, there is great potential for insurance agents to make extremely good commissions. Attending an insurance agent school will give the student the knowledge to sell insurance at a high rate. Insurance agents provide the ability to get necessary insurance coverage as well as more uncommon insurance types. The possibilities are, literally, endless for insurance agents who understand how sales work and how to properly close an insurance sale.

What states are reciprocal with KY for adjuster license?

You can go to, or call, the insurance regulatory authority of the State of Kentucky. Ask for the agency, department, or bureau that is in charge of licensing and monitoring the practices of insurance agents (they might be called "producers") and inquire of them. Adjusters are often regulated by the same office as agents, rather than by a section of its own.

How often is the antarctic treaty renewed?

Every 50 yrs

What questions will the insurance agent ask you when you apply for health or life insurance from direct insurance?

You become an investment when purchasing health or life insurance. Agents often ask if you smoke, drink or have any pre-existing medical conditions as well as what type of work you do at your job and what type of activities/hobbies are you involved in.