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every day ☺☻♥♦♣♠

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Q: How often is BBC iPlayer updated?
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Is nickalodion on BBC iplayer?

No. only BBC Channels goes on iplayer

What is the iplayer website?

The BBC iplayer website is Hope this helps :)

Is BBC iPlayer free for the Wii?

No, not at present, only the BBC iPlayer works on the Wii. Wii supports Flash, which is also what BBC iPlayer happens to use. ITV Player requires Silverlight, which Wii can't handle.

Why aren't Match of the Day on BBC iPlayer?

match of the day should be on the bbc iplayer very soon.

What is BBC iplayer called on the app store?

You have just answered your question! The BBC iPlayer is called BBC iPlayer on the App Store. If you can't find it go to iTunes on your Mac or PC and try looking for it there. The BBC iPlayer is for free. You may not find it depending on what country your iTunes account is registered with.

When will Mayday episode 5 be on BBC iplayer?

It is not known when Mayday episode 5 will be released on BBC iPlayer. It is however available on BBC One's website.

Can you get BBC iplayer on a iPad?


Does BBC iplayer take up memory on your PC?

No BBC iplayer does not take up any memory on your computer as the videos are saved on the internet

Where can you watch David tenant's Hamlet?

BBC Iplayer on BBC One

What is available to watch on the iPlayer?

The BBC i has a protocol of show films having been televised on their network for a short time frame afterward. Not all films for contractual reason make it the "i player". You now have to be a UK resident with a TV licence for watching these programmes.

How do you watch eastenders in Spain?

by watching it on tv the night it is on or watching them on bbc iplayer.

What channel is Britania high on?

bbc and on iplayer