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There is no time, as if they were wild they would be natural, so from my experiance, i cut them when they start to cut me!!!!!

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Q: How often do you cut a dogs nails?
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Do you have to cut rabbits nails?

YES, every so often.

How to cut dogs nails?

Use a pedi paws, cause it files, not cuts. and it makes a buzzing sounds that could relax your dog

Can use human clippers be used on dogs?

You could cut a small dogs nails with human nail clippers. Larger dogs nails would not fit inside the clipper so it wouldn't work. It is better to buy a set of clippers made for dogs though. They are made specifically for dogs nails and will work better.

When do you cut dogs claws?

Because there claws grow continously and if you don't it becomes painful for them and they can harm themselves. why do you cut your nails? Get the point... = )

How often do guinea pigs need their nails cut?

On average about once A month.

Why not to cut nails on Saturdays?

There is no reason to not cut your nails on Saturday.

How long does it take for a dogs nails to grow?

Well, they should always be short for safety reason. But if you should let them grow, cut them after they before they become sharp enough to cut. (and for the safety of your pet you should file its nails)

What happens if you dont cut your dogs nails?

You should be careful and use the correct tool to avoid adverse effects.

Can you cut chicken nails?

Yes, a chickens nails can be filed or cut.

How do you trim dog nails?

If you want to cut your dogs nails then: 1. file them 2. Use special nail cutters and cut just the very tip because just a few millimeters into the nail there is blood vessels. If you cut it that far the nail will bleed for about 3 days and it can get infected easy. That causes even more problems. If you are scared to cut the nails, just go to your vet and they can do it.

What supplies do I need to give my Yorkie pedicures?

You are going to need to get a good pair of nail cutters for smaller dogs. If you do not know how to cut them make sure you read the directions or you can cut the nerve in the dogs nails and it really hurts them.

What will happen if you do not trim your dogs nails?

it will end up hurting the dog, also they could split and it hurts like when our nails split! TRIM YOUR DOG'S NAILS