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If you are just getting the color on the roots you should be going at least once a month.. if you are changing your entire color you should wait at least 2 months before doing something else entirely..make sure you are using deep conditioning treatments and getting the ends trimmed. Avoiding going super drastic because that can alter your future results..if you go black it is hard to take out..if you are super light blonde you have to fill your hair or the color will fall right out. it is best if you are going drastic to go to a professional and get their advice.

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Q: How often can you color your hair?
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How often can you change your hair color?

You can change your hair color when ever you would like because you can buy hair dye for your hair. So you can dye your hair any time when you buy the dye.

What hair color do Icelandic people have?

Often they have Brown hair. Mostly all Iceland people have dark colored hair.

What color hair is Titan hair?

Various shades of Red, but the spelling should be TITIAN... The color "titian" takes its name from Titian, who often painted women with red hair.

How often can you use a permanent hair color?

You can use permanent hair color around every six weeks depending on the condition of your hair. Root touch up will vary as well depending on hair growth.

How long does Garnier Fructis Color last on the hair?

How long Garnier Fructis Color lasts on ones hair depends on how often the hair is washed. If hair is washed every day the Garnier Fructis Color will start to fade in a few weeks. If a person washes their hair less, the color could last up to three months.

Is that all beyonces hair?

Beyoncé is known to wear hair extensions. She sometimes has short hair, braided hair, or very long hair. Her hair color changes often also.

How long does demi hair color last?

Demi permanent color can last up to 24 shampoos, or 2-3 months, depending upon how often the hair is shampooed.

What is the color of my hair?

Hair color is the colouring of hair follicles be cause of melanin, specificaly eumelanin and pheomelanin. When more eumelanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; when less eumelanin is present, the hair is lighter. Levels of melanin vary over time, which causes a person's hair color to change - this is what causes grey hair. When someone has a lack of melanin - albino or vitiligo, they often get white hair, or their original colour hair with individual white hars.

What color should you color your hair if Im medium brown?

Possibly just add some low light like blond. Brown hair is so good that you should not even have to color it. But if you did really want to color your hair completely then color it a super super super dark brown.... with highlights, but remember...never color your whole head so much or often, it makes your hair fall out when your older.

What color is jonghyun's hair color?

His hair color is blue

What color is Hephaestus' hair?

Most often it is dark, how dark depends on the artistic or writers rendering.

What do moreno mean?

moreno = dark / black, often used to refer to skin and hair color.