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about as much as a haypenny from the civil war

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Q: How much will a fired civil war bullet be worth?
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How much is a civil war bullet from Gettysburg worth?

it worth about 7 grand in the next 5 years it will be worth 10 grand save it for later

How much is a Gettysburg civil war bullet worth?

it worth about 7 grand in the next 5 years it will be worth 10 grand save it for later

If a bullet is fired out of a fighter jet traveling Max speed does the bullet travel faster than if it were fired at a stand still?

No. The bullet will actually travel much slower due to wind resistance.

What happens when a gun gets hit directly by a bullet?

Damage. How much depends on the gun that fired the bullet that hits it. it probably would explode

During the training, a police fired a bullet to a 10 cm thick wooden board. The bullet loses half of it's velocity after penetrating 3cm. Question: How much distance the bullet will penetrate more?


Why is the speed of a recoiling gun less than the speed of the fired bullet?

The gun is much heavier than the bullet, so according to Newton's third law of motion, the gun experiences a smaller acceleration when the bullet is fired. This results in a lower speed for the recoiling gun compared to the fired bullet.

How much will the bullet drop in2700 ft 150grain 30-6?

That depends on the type of bullet, the initial velocity, and the angle at which it is fired. A ballistics calculator is the best way to find the answer.

How much do mafia bullet holes worth on YoVille?

About 3-5k

How much gunpowder is in a 9mm bullet?

Technically speaking- none. A bullet is the solid metal part of a cartridge that is fired out of the barrel. How much gunpowder is in a 9mm Parabellum CARTRIDGE will depend on the powder used and the bullet weight. I reload with 4.6 grains of Bullseye powder with a 115 gr bullet, but there are dozens of other loads.

How much money does Osama bin Laden have?

he is worth as much as the ground you walk on or the cost of a bullet

What effect does rifleing in the barrel of a gun have?

It makes the bullet spin when it is fired- much the same way a football spins in flight. The helps the bullet travel in a straight line, improving the accuracy of the gun.

How much is a .50 caliber bullet made in 1942 worth?

0.5 cents