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It depends. They may just come out or they may have been out for 5 years. If it just came out or pretty early and lets say you paid 40$ for the game and it came out last month. You may get up to 25-30$! Most of the time you get like 20%. If you call GameStop you can ask them.

game stop really suck then -medric_droid

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Q: How much will Gamestop pay for games?
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How much does Gamestop pay for GameCube games?

3 to 4 dollars

How much does Gamestop pay you for wii games?

About 30 percent of the original price.

How much will Gamestop buy mw3 for?

Amazon will pay up to $35 for the game and I'm not sure what Gamestop will pay

How much can you get for these games at Gamestop?


How much will Gamestop pay for your ps2?

$20 or less

How much will Gamestop pay for 360?

Phone them and ask !

How does gamestop determine how much money you get for selling your games?

it all depens on how much it originally costs. they will pay you 20% of what it originally costs and its the same for every game

How much would Gamestop give someone for 2-3 xbox360 games?

It depends what the games are and each Gamestop varies. Call your local Gamestop and ask.

How much will Gamestop give you for 3 games?

depends on how NEW the games are :)

How much are ps2 games worth when you trade them in at gamestop?

next to nothing. and if theyre in bad shape YOU actually have to pay them for them to take the game. but most games are worth about $1.50 to $2

How can i order games from gamestop?

To order games from GameStop, you need to go to their website, add items to your shopping basket and then go to the checkout. You can choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

How much money will i get if i sell 30 games to gamestop?

It is hard to tell how much a person can get for selling 30 games at Gamestop. It really all depends on ha games you are wanting to sell and what shape they are in.