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Your body is 90 to 94 percent water. You muscles are mostly water. Basically your entire body is mostly water.

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Q: How much water is there in your body?
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How much water does the human body have?

A lot... The body is 75% water.

How much water does your body contain and how is the water transformed?

your body is about 70 percent water

How much percent of a rabbits body is water?

A rabbits body is 65-70% water

How much water is in our body?

about 65%to 70%。

How much of a man's body is water?

Water accounts for about 60% of a man's body weight.

How much water is in a body?


How does water get out of the human body?

The body holds as much water as possible but other wise water gets out of the body via sweat and pee.

How much water do a human body have?

You have 60 % water in your body. You have 20 % water in extracellular compartment. You have 40 % water in intracellular compartment.

How much of human body weight is from water?

If you are an adult, your body water is about 60%. If you are not young, your body water is about 55%. If you are still a baby, your body water is about 75%. If you are still in your mom's tummy, your body water is about 90%. Hope it will help.

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