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who ever had ask this question is abit silly because you have to use then see how much it will cost or do not ask this question because it is hurts us restaurants owners.

The question is not so silly. I have researched this and it is a difficult question to answer because restaurant water usage will vary according to size, number of Plumbing fixtures, what water saving devices they have in place, etc. I did find one article stating that an average restaurant uses 5,800 gallons of water per day which translates into over 2 million gallons per year. Water is a precious commodity and should be saved. I don't think the question was asked to hurt restaurants at all but were I a restaurant owner, I would seek out all available water conserving products not only to reduce water consumption but also to offset the rising costs of water. Water consumption rates are on the rise and one statistic I read stated water rates/costs have increased 27% over the past 5 years in the USA with no sign of abating. These costs will only rise. Some areas of the USA have experienced water rate increases in one year of over 20%. Hope this helps...watersaver

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Q: How much water does a typical restaurant use in a day?
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