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Q: How much water does Chinese use every day?
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How much water do you need every day?

well you need about 5-8 glasses of water every day

How much new water is being created on earth each day?

How much is water made on earth every day

How much water are you supposed to drink every day?

At least a Litre (Of water)

How much water should you have every day?

8 cups

How much water in used every day in the US?

Way too much

Approximately how much water is used in the US every day?

Way too much

How much water do humans require every day?

2 L.

How much glasses of water should I be drinking every day?


How much water should be given to a bean plant?

As much to as every other day or every other three days in the beginning.

How much water is used in a average house every day?

500 galons

About how much water is used in the US every day?

500 billion liters

How much water is needed for one men?

a man needs 8 glasses of water every day