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Q: How much urine should you produce 12 hours?
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How much urine should you pass in 24 hours?

It would depend on the environment you are in

How much urine does humans produce per minute?

The bladder's capacity of storing urine is about 500ml. In intake and output , we should at least have 30 ml of urine per hour.

How much water should drink to produce 2 liters of urine?

3 to 4 liters of water

How much urine does the human body produce in a day?

The human body loses in total about 1.5L of urine per day, based on an adult (60kg).

How long does alcohol show in urine test?

Depends how much you drank.

How much percentage of protein is present in urine?

There should be no protein in the urine unless the patient is ill or diabetic.

How much hours should you sleep?

You should sleep 9 hours

Is urinating twice per day not enough for the average female?

no it is actually quite healthy you are actually peeing to much Amount is usually more important that number of times. An adult should produce about 2 ounces of urine per hour, on average. So if you only urinate every 12 hours, you would need to be voiding about 24 ounces per time. That is a lot of urine and most people would find retaining that much urine very uncomfortable, if not painful. Also, retaining urine for a long period of time can increase the risk of infection and sediment buildup.

How much time is required for getting a urine culture report?

Typically they will "grow" the Culture for 48-72 hours, and then if positive, they will have to run the "sensitivity" part which can tak 24 hours. Definitely within 4 days u should have an answer.

How much water should you drank to pass a urine test?


How long will 25 mg of promethazine stay in the urine?

48 hours to 96 hours range from 72 depending on how much u consume and how often. will not affect urine or blood screen after 5 days of consuming... Fact..

How much sugar is in urine?

There should be no sugar in your urine unless you are an uncontrolled diabetic.