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However much is in your bladder. I would assume.

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Q: How much urine can you have first thing in the morning?
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Is there such a thing as too much urine on the Clear Blue test?

No. The test stick is held in the urine stream. No matter how much urine comes into contact with it, it can absorb only so much.

How much do morning birds weigh?

Unless the name is a local one, there is no such thing as a morning bird.

How much money did First Morning gross worldwide?

First Morning grossed $87,264 worldwide.

Can drinking too much water cause negative ovulation test result?

I have heard else where that it can dilute the LH in your urine. That is also the reason why many tests say to take it first thing in the morning so that it is more concentrated. I don't know for sure but that is just what I have found on other sites.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests if you used one first thing in the morning and two days later you used one at night and they both said positive?

85% accuracy is common for pregnancy tests, if all steps are followed precisely. Two tests showing the same result should mean about 98% accuracy. But only if the same mistakes were not made during both test procedures.

How much money did First Morning gross domestically?

First Morning grossed $87,264 in the domestic market.

How much angioprim do you take?

You should take 1 bottle of Angioprim with 24 ounces of juice or distilled water. It is recommended that you do this first thing in the morning.

What are some cures for cat urine smell?

The first thing to do is to take out as much urine as one can with rags and paper towels. After that, a combination that is three parts water and 1 part vinegar is to be used to completely saturate the area. The next step is to sprinkle soda on the area.

When pregnant is pee dark in the morning and light through out the day?

Such color change is normal, but may be more noticeable when pregnant. It tends to be darker in the morning, because you likely didn't drink much through the night. The urine is more concentrated. Throughout the day, you begin taking in fluids, and the urine dilutes.

What is a bedside water pitcher?

Its a jug used to hold water normally for washing first thing in the morning Not used now but was very much in use in the 18th and early 19th century

Why is urine yellow in the morning?

In the morning when urine is a yellowish color, that signifies that the body has not consumed water during the night. If urine remains yellow throughout the day, that is a sign of dehydration.

Is a first morning urine pt as accurate if you've been awake half the night then test a few hours later as soon as you wake or do you need a full nights sleep first?

It is nothing to do with how much sleep you got. YOu need to test the first specimen which will be stronger (usually deeper yellow) than later in the day.