How much to replace sub floor?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How much to replace sub floor?
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Why is my bathroom floor sinking and tile cracking?

Almost for certain, you have water damage in your sub floor which is weakening the floor, causing it to sag, causing the tile to crack. Yes you could replace the sub floor and flooring, but find what's causing the water damages and fix that first. or a joist could be broken

What does sub floor mean?

A subfloor is a structural layer that provides a base for finish flooring to be installed on top of it. It is typically made of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) and provides a flat, level surface for the finish flooring to sit on. The subfloor helps support the weight of the flooring, distributes loads, and helps with insulation and soundproofing.

What does sub-floor mean?

under a foundation of a sub.

Do you need a sub-floor in your basement?

Usually yes, a well insulated sub-floor will save you lots of money from heating. You can choose to build a sub-floor on 2x4 lumber with moisture barrier or use those sub-floor tiles (usually come in as 2x2).

How much does it cost to replace floor boards with plywood?

about 3.50

Water leak on hardwood will the sub-floor get wet?

depends on how much water, but in all probability, yes

How do you lay a basement sub floor?


What is the purpose of a joist?

to support the sub floor.

What types of underlay are suitable for laminate flooring?

The type of underlay you need will depend on the type of sub floor or floor you are putting the laminate on is made of. If the sub floor is made of concrete, you would want vapor barrier underlay. If the sub floor is made of wood a standard or premium underlay would used.

Can you install engineered wood flooring over a wood floor that is on concrete sub floor?


Can hardwood run parallel to JOISTS?

If you're installing hardwood floor boards over a strong 3/4 inch plywood sub-floor, then yes, you can install the hardwood floor parallel to the joists. If your sub-floor is weak, then you should fix the subfloor.

Can a laminate floor be put in the kitcheni have a dog who slops water?

Yes, a laminate floor will do just fine in your kitchen. Unlike wood floors, the laminate is very resistant to damage from moisture. Be sure the sub-floor is prepared properly, however! Sever water damage to a sub-floor can cause warping and buckling if the proper materials are not used. If this happens, damage to the sub-floor will telegraph problems into your new laminate floor, causing it to warp and buckle as well. Hire a qualified contractor to install your floor who knows what he's doing and who follows all appropriate building codes. But a sloppy dog probably isn't much to worry about. :)