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i think you shed skin when you sleep is because you,itch,toss and turn,and your blankets scratch you.

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Q: How much skin we shed when we sleep?
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Do people loose skin when they sleep?

Yes humans shed dead skin cells constantly and they can accumulate in our beds.

How much skin do you shed in an hour?

30,000 to 40,000

Do African dwarf frogs shed?

No African Dwarf Frogs do not shed there skin.

Do rat snakes shed?

They regularly shed their skin its quite irreagular for them to shed skin though..

How much skin you shed?

Well, it really depends on how much dead skin you have. Like, if you haven't showered in, maby, two or three weeks. Then, chances are, you have a pretty large amount of dead skin on your body, therefore, you will shed allothow much showering every day

Do ladybird shed their skin?

Yes, as they grow they will molt (shed their skin) a number of times before they pupate. Lar

Do the corn skin shed their skin?

Corn Snakes? Yes, all snakes shed their old skin.

What do manta rays shed?

the shed there skin

How much skin do you shed in 30 days?

Lets just say A LOT

Do ells shed there skin like snakes?

No, eels do not shed their skin like a snake

How much skin do you shed at night in bed?

Human beings shed the skin everyday both during the day and at night. The exact number is yet to be established. It depends with the age and the kind of skin products that are being used.

What is a word letter word for shed skin?