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Between 110-135 Between 110-135

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Q: How much should you weigh you are 15yrs old and 5ft 3inches?
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How much does water weigh in 100' of pipe with a diameter of 3inches?

That would depend on the temperature and is this fresh or sea water? About 305.72

How much should a 5foot 3inches 13 year old girl weigh?

I am 5'3" and 13 and I weigh 112 lbs. I would say average is between 105-120 lbs. But if you are over or under that, you are still beautiful. You are young, do not stress about your weight too much. Just eat a healthy diet and get good exercise! :)

How much is 5ft 3inches in meters?

1.6 metres

How much should i weigh at 5'10?

you should weigh about 98-104

How much should I weigh at 4'3?

you should weigh 85 pounds

How much should a 4 5 tall girl weigh?

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

If you are 11 and weigh 5ft how much should you weigh?

you should weigh about 90-140 if your fat you must weigh 140-160

How much should a 13 girl weigh if she is 5'2?

you should weigh about 120-125

How much should a 5.4 high weigh?

You Should Weigh in 110-140 pounds

How much should you weigh if you are nine years old?

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

You are 5.1 and 11 years old how much should you weigh?

I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

How much is a seventeen year old female should weigh?

There is no such thing as "should" in this question. Weights vary. If your doctor says your aren't to skinny or weigh too much, then that's what you should weigh.