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60 % of the human dody is water; the brain is 70%, the lungs are 90%, and blood is 75% water

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Q: How much percentage of the body is water?
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What percentage of water makes up your body?

the percentage of a kids body is usually 70%

What percentage of a bird's body does water constitute?

A bird's body has 67% water.

How many percentage is body is water?

80% water:)

How much weight of a human body is composed of water?

i dont know the weight but i do know the percentage it is 75%

Percentage of water in your body?

Your body is approximately 60% water, which is why water is essential for human to survive.

What percentage of water mass is your body?

60 percent of your body is water.

What percentage of our body is made of water?

We are approximately 98% water !

What percentage of your body is composed of water?


What is Percentage of body is water?

It is 90-94%

What is the percentage of no water in the human body?


What is the water percentage in the body?

The pecentage of water in our body is about 66% and 2/3 in fraction form.

What is the water percentage is in human body?

Water usually makes up 55% to 78% of the human body