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Peppermint is not recommended as a bath oil. The peppermint essential oil can cause stinging, or dermatitis. When peppermint essential oil is included in mixtures intended for topical use it is drastically diluted with an inert carrier oil.

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Q: How much peppermint oil should you put in the bath?
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What do you do if you get peppermint oil on skin?

Actually peppermint oil won't hurt the skin(unless you have very sensitive skin), people use peppermint oil in spas so you should be okay if a little peppermint oil gets on your skin or you could simply wash it off.

Does peppermint oil help with constipation?

yes, but you should prefer vegetable oil.

Who has peppermint oil?

GNC probably carries peppermint oil.

How much tea tree oil should you put in bath?

only a couple of drops

Does Walmart sell peppermint oil?

Walmart sells peppermint oil for baking, peppermint oil softgels, and peppermint extract. See the related links for the product listings on

What is the chemical formula for peppermint?

The chemical formula for peppermint is exactly C10H20O1

Which works better for mice peppermint extract or oil?

It appears that peppermint oil, not peppermint extract, works better to get rid of mice. This is because the extract contains more alcohol than peppermint oil, so it will not be as strong as the oil itself.

What is the symbolic meaning of peppermint?

An aromatic and pungent plant of the genus Mentha (M. piperita), much used in medicine and confectionery., A volatile oil (oil of peppermint) distilled from the fresh herb; also, a well-known essence or spirit (essence of peppermint) obtained from it., A lozenge of sugar flavored with peppermint.

Is peppermint oil poisonous to dogs?

Yes. Spearmint and peppermint are not.

Is peppermint oil and peppermint extract the same?

Yes you can its 1/4 a tsp of oil for 1 tsp of extract

Is there a difference in Peppermint essential oil and just peppermint oil?

Yes, the potency would be number one difference. The type of peppermint is another difference. The way it was cultivated and distilled is another difference. Visit my site for more details.

Does oil of peppermint contain gluten?