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It takes about 4.4 tons of bauxite ore (and about 14000 KWH of electricity) to produce 1 ton of aluminum.

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Q: How much ore is required to produce 1 tonne of aluminum?
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What is cast aluminum?

What is Cast Aluminum?Cast aluminum is a very broad term because there are several manufacturing types to casting such as sand casting, investment casting, gravity casting and high pressure die casting. Aluminum produced as castings comes in many alloys.How does hard water effect the cast aluminum heat exchanger in a boiler?Hard water can produce an oxide in an aluminum heat exchanger. Depending on the aluminum alloy and how much iron is in the alloy, there could be corrosion. Some aluminum alloys such as A413 and A360 would work better as a die casting.Which is a better heat exchanger for residential use, cast aluminum or stainless steel?As a heat exchanger, aluminum could work better than steel because of the temp transfer abilities over steel. Stainless steel will not corrode.

Compare conductivity of iron copper and aluminum in terms of electricity.?

When compared by volume, copper is best, then aluminum and finally iron. When compared by weight, aluminum is better than copper. You have to compare by volume because aluminum is so much lighter than copper, an aluminum wire that weighed the same as a copper wire would be much bigger and harder to work with.

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How much electricity is required to produce 1kg of aluminum from alumina?

440 tones

How much is aluminum per ton?

It is $3010 American Dollars Per Metric Tonne

How much does it cost to extract aluminum?

i think it's same as extracting other metals because it demands same types of chemicals and instruments. in a differing opinion: Aluminum is extracted from refined bauxite (alumina - Al2O3) through an electro-chemical process. It is extremely expensive to produce primary aluminum due to the large amounts of electricity required to break apart the aluminum molecules from the oxygen molecules and keep it from back reacting. Recycling of aluminum is only about 5% of the cost of primary aluminum production in electrical energy.

How much aluminum is required to melt 2 kg of aluminum?

800 kj

How much magnese is required to manufacture one tonneof steel?

nearly 10 kg of manganese is required to manufacture one tonne of steel

How much energy is required to vaporize 1.5 of aluminum?


How much is a tonne in New Zealand tonne?

A tonne is one thousand kilograms.

How much does a tonne weigh?

A tonne is 1000kg or 1000000g

How much energy of is required to vaporize 1.5 kg of aluminum?


How much does 1 tonne of water weigh?

Tonne is a unit of weight, som one tonne is one tonne regardless of substance.

How much eat in calories is required to heat a 43 g sample of aluminum from 72 F to 145F?

How much heat (in calories) is required to heat a 43 g sample of aluminum from 72 F to 145F

How much does a tonne weigh in kg?

One tonne is 1000 kilograms!