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Q: How much oil does a Chevy 496 big block take?
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What is the difference in weight between a 350 Chevy and 496 Chevy?

The most obvious diff is 350 CUBIC inches is much small that 496 cubic inches. Also likely the 350 is a small block where as the 496 is a big block. The 496 will be a physically appearing bigger motor if that is the case. With great displacement also comes greater power or power potential. A mildly modified 350 can produce more power than a stock 496. Big Block Chev weighs in at around 675 Pounds and a 350 small block weighs in at about 575 pounds.

What is the difference between a 354 big block Chevy and a 496 big block Chevy?

Chevrolet never made a 354 big block. So is say the difference is that a 496 is real and 354 is not. there is talk of a 354 small block but they are all from UK and id be inclined to say they are actually talking about a 355.

What size engine is a Chevy 8.1L and how much horse power does it have?

496 Cubic Inch Big Block v-8 340HP 460 Lb-ft Torque

What is a Chevy 8.1 liter engine?

The GM 8.1 Litre engine is a 496 cubic inch big block motor.

Will the bellhousing from a 350 fit a 496 stroker engine?

If it's a 496 Chevy, yes.

How many cubic inches is there in a 8.1 liter Chevy engine?


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