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Basically, everyone has lazy moments where they don't feel like doing things. I would say that 100% of the human race is lazy, though not everyone is extremely lazy!

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Q: How much of the human race is lazy?
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Why are most black people lazy?

No single race is characteristically lazy. Individuals of any and all races can be lazy.

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About 200,000,000.

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An advantage is that we use computers everyday for pretty much every aspect of human life. A disadvantage is it is making the human race more lazy.

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depending on the type of gas light you mean: gas lamps, such as on streets and early cars helped the human race by increasing safety at night while outside, and nighttime production thereby increasing output in all fields of human achievement. if you mean a gas light on a car for fuel indication... that has hindered the human race by allowing for people to be less detail oriented and, well, lazy.

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Cross the finish line first. Pretty much like a human foot race.

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People populate the human race. There is only one human race

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It all depends on the race of the human.

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There is no single "physically strongest" human race as physical strength can vary greatly within each race. Factors such as genetics, diet, and training play a significant role in determining an individual's strength rather than their race.

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