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I have done a little research on this, and it seems no one knows exactly what part of the country was owned by the Church, but the estimates I am seeing range from 25% to 35% all the land. These numbers are based on income from the land.

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Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church, as an institution, only owns Vatican City in Europe.
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Q: How much of English land was owned by the Catholic Church?
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Who owned about 10 percent of the land?

The Catholic Church

Who owned most Latin American land and controlled education?

the catholic church <><><><><><><>

Who owned most of the land in Europe by the beginning of the Middle Ages?

In most of Europe, most of the land was controlled by the monarchs and the nobility. A lot of land was controlled by the Church, and I have read that in England the amount was upwards of 30%, an amount I find very easy to believe. In central Italy, the land was nearly all controlled by the Church.

How did the national assembly pay off huge government debt?

Selling off the property of the Catholic Church and Noble emigres.

What sends many protestant English farmers to Ireland to take over land owned by catholic farmers?

The Plantations.

How did the national assembly pay off government debt?

They sold off amounts of the Catholic Church which owned 10% of the land in France.

How much of english land belonged to the catholic church?

I have read that about a third of the property in England was owned by the Church in the Middle Ages. It is hard to find a source for this, but the article on the Dissolution of the Monasteries (link below) says monastic lands were 16% of the country. Since there were many other lands belonging to the Church as well, a total of 33% might be believable.

How does the French Revolution relate to the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church was the richest institution in the country and the largest land owner.

What church owns the most land in the US?


Does the Roman Catholic Church own valuable land and property?

Catholic AnswerThere is no "Roman Catholic Church", unless you are speaking of the local Catholic Church in the city of Rome. It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. .The Catholic Church does not own property as such, saving, of course, Vatican City, which actually is its own country, or city-state, if you will. In the United States, for instance, every thing in a diocese - parish Churches, property, schools, convents, everything is owned by the Bishop as corporate-sole. This is how the Catholic Church in the United States was set up due to the laws of that country. I am not familiar with other countries.

Who controlled most of the land Latin American countries?

The Catholic Church

Who controlled most of the land in Latin American countries?

The Catholic Church