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Q: How much money is a Steve Irwin doll worth?
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Is a mismade Crush doll worth money?

Probably not is it a barbie

When did Steve Doll die?

Steve Doll died on 2009-03-22.

When was Steve Doll born?

Steve Doll was born on 1960-12-09.

How much money is a rebecca collection doll worth?

£2000.50p alot huh

What is the worth of a jackie kennedy doll in a blue dress?

10000000 alot of money

Where can you buy a 2000 6 Irwin Sailor Jupiter Doll on sale?

on amazon

How much is a celia cruz doll worth?

celia cruz doll by maryse nicole how much is it worth

How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?

How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?

How much is the Ashley belle doll Worth?

How much the Martha Ashley Belle doll is worth depends on the design and condition of the doll. Such dolls are worth between 5 and 250 US dollars.

How much is an American girl 'Samantha' doll worth?

The American girl doll Samantha is worth 100$ but now she'' worth about 200$

How much is cabbage patch doll worth?

A vintage Cabbage Patch Doll is not worth much money in 2014. On average, some are selling for as high as $50.

What is dancing James Brown doll worth?

ames brown doll wroth