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Q: How much money does troy landreau make per episode on swamp people?
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How much money do people on swamp people make per episode?

They don't advertise how much the show pays them but on average they make 1500 a day

How much do swamp people get paid per episode?


How much does the cast of swamp people make?

They make like 672,000 and episode. No I'm joking with you but whatever they make it's more money than they have ever seen

How much do the characters on swamp people get paid per episode?

$100.00 per foot, right??

What is the avatar episode after the swamp on tv?

Its avatar Day

What episode of Avatar does Aang meet Toph?

Depends on how you look at it. Aang saw a vision of her in the swamp (the episode is named "The Swamp"), but we see Toph "in person" a couple episodes later in "The Blind Bandit." This is all in Season 2.

How much does History Channel pay the Swamp People cast?


How much does history channel pay swamp people per episode?

All the Jambalaya,crawfish,gator tail, and smoked mullet they can eat.

What kind of machete Liz and Troy were using in the March 8 episode of swamp people?

It is a Cane Machete... sometimes called a Sugar Cane Machete.

Who narrates Swamp People?

Pat duke narrates Swamp People

What the name of the song from the new show on History Channel swamp people?

The song from the new show on the History Channel Swamp People was written to be the theme song of Swamp People. The song is simply, Swamp People.

What is the episode name when Katara meets an older self?

You mean the episode when she thought she saw her deceased mother? That's Book 2 Episode 4 "The Swamp"