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This question is very tough to answer well. I know in PA medical from auto insurance is the first source used to cover a medical expense. If you have a decent health insurance plan this can provide coverage over top of the medical from your auto. However,as the deductibles on health care are increasing and many policies have lifetime limits, I would suggest getting a fairly high limit if you are able to afford it, in this category. Anyone who needs assistance with insurance in PA is welcome to contact me, I work for an independent agency in York PA

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Q: How much medical payment auto insurance coverage is right?
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How much medical payment home insurance coverage is right?

The right amount would be Zero,It doesn't make much sense to pay extra for medical coverage on a home insurance policy when that's already covered under your medical insurance policy.Ever heard of Double-coverge? It's illegal to get paid for the same loss twice anyway.Adding Medical coverage on a home insurance policy is generally what we refer to as "Beefing up" a policy. There is almost a zero chance that it would ever be used due to double coverage limitations, but it can entice some less savvy people to purchase the policy.

What is the purpose of major medical insurance?

major medical insurance providers usually offer a broader range of coverage in which most other insurance companies don't. Making it easier to choose the right coverage for you or your family

Can Medical insurance refose to pay for a new prescription?

You may need to check the specific prescription coverage of your plan, but normally an insurance company has a "Formulary" which is a list of prescription drugs that their plan will cover. If your medication is not listed on the formulary, then the insurance company reserves the right to deny payment for the medication.

What does conditionally renewable mean with insurance?

Conditionally renewable policy grants the insurer a limited right to refuse to renew a health insurance coverage at the end of a premium payment period.

How can I get the best rates for life insurance coverage?

You can go to to search for the right insurance coverage that will fit your needs.

How long will employer pay for your medical insurance after termination?

Unless you have some contractual agreement requiring them to do so, an employer is not obligated to pay for any of your insurance after termination. You will have the right to continue coverage under HIPAA at your expense however.

Terminated health coverage because employer did not pay the bill. Is his legal?

Insurance companies have the legal right to terminate insurance coverage when the monthly premium is not paid as agreed.

What happens to the mortgage if a house does not sell and you lose home owners insurance?

You still owe the mortgage. And you must continue to maintain the homeowners insurance. If not, the lender who holds the mortgage has the right to place "forced coverage" on the property at great expense to you. When they add "forced coverage" they simply increase your mortgage payment to adjust for the difference. And of course you must make each payment in full in order to remain current on the loan and avoid damaged credit or foreclosure.

Why was you denied Insurance coverage on sleeping pills?

The insurance companies have certain rules and restrictions. They have the right to refuse policies and coverage to people on certain medication including sleeping pills.

What coverage is provided when purchasing standard car insurance?

Coverage that is provided when purchasing standard car insurance are liability coverage and the legal right to drive. There are two liability coverages: bodily injury and property damage liability.

What car insurance offers great coverage for cheap and for female drivers?

The cheapest car insurance that offer great coverage for female drivers is Geico. Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance and they are right about that.

Is US Health Group medical insurance any good?

That is a very hard question to answer as we have three plans. Plus we layer coverage over coverage with some association plans, so the coverage can be more comprehensive, plus making the premium cost less with first dollar coverage. As with any insurance product, it is important to get the right agent and you must be proactive in your own health plan. Read the policy, ask questions and make sure that the plan has the coverage you need.