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About 50 pounds!

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Depends how much everyone eats..

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2.8 kg

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Q: How much lunch meat to feed sixteen people?
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What do you feed your pet crayfish?

lunch meat

What Swedish people eat for lunch?

Swedish people tend to eat either fish, chicken, or meat for lunch with a side of pasta or rice, a salad, and water. They also enjoy open-faced Sandwiches with lunch meat.

How much is lunch meat?

why is duck? 100.000 lunch meat

How much lunch meat do you need to feed 225 people?

When i arrived on this world i needed to feed five thousand people. there was a young boy with bread and water. Me being the son of god i transformed this bread and water into fish and wine. So just ask Jesus ;)

Why is lunch meat round not square?

because people cut corners

When was Lunch Meat - film - created?

Lunch Meat - film - was created in 1987.

What is the duration of Lunch Meat film?

The duration of Lunch Meat - film - is 1.47 hours.

Where can you get Oscar Meyer head cheese lunch meat and your roast beef lunch meat?

$ you can get it at walmart$

What would the people who lived in castles in medieval times eat?

The Lord ate bread and meat for breakfast, meat, bread and potatoes and vegetables for lunch, and maybe a apple pie for lunch, and probably more meat for tea. Peasant's wood have Barley for breakfast, something called 'Ploughman's Lunch' for lunch (this was brown bread and cheese) and probably barley soup for tea.

What can you feed a Venus Flytrap?

Bugs, but don't feed it ants. Lots of people feed it hamburger meat, but that is NOT a good idea.

What food group is lunch meat belong in?


Will 20lbs of sliced turkey lunch meat be enough to feed 60 woman sandwich's?

it will make 100 sands with 3 oz of turkey per person