How much longer will you live?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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about 1000 years

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Q: How much longer will you live?
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How much longer will your betta live?

Bettas only live a couple of years.

Do male cougars live longer or female cougars?

Yes, Male cougars live much longer than female cougars, usually 2 to 3 years longer.

Do chickens live longer if they have a mate?

Yes and much happier

Can a cat live up to 15 years?

Yes. Some live much longer than that.

How long do Cormorant live?

. Cormorants on average live around 6 years, but can live much longer if in the correct environment.

How lone do water rats live for?

they live 2-3 years in the wild.. not much longer as pets

Why did you choose Australia?

it wealthy and you get to live longer not much crime and we lucky to live in Australia unlike others.

Do women live longer in Russia than women?

they live much longer, by about 14 years because men tend to drink heavaly and have very bad health

How much longer does your dog have to live after throwing up often?

5 min.

What occurs when an area chnges so much that a species can no longer live there?


How much longer did Victoria live than her husband Albert?

48 years

Why do flies live for only 5 days?

The lifespan of flies is short due to their high reproductive rate and the presence of predators and environmental factors that limit their survival. Flies prioritize rapid reproduction over longevity to ensure the continuation of their species. Additionally, flies have a high metabolic rate, leading to faster aging and a shorter lifespan.