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Depends on it's condition.

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Q: How much is your frig by general motors worth?
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How much is a 1930 General Motors refrigerator worth?


How much is a 1940 general motors electric stove worth?

Very good condition

How much is general motors worth?

It is worth the total sum of what one entity is ready, willing and able to pay. Of course the final decision is what the board of Directors will accept.

How much of general motors does the uaw own?


How much does the ceo of General Motors make?


How much money does General Motors bring in a year?


How much is Alain Class Motors worth?

$80 M

Is general motors for-profit or not - for profit?

For profit. Very much so.

How much is a 1951 General Motors frigidaire refrigerator?

Depends on if it is in good working order and it's condition. Saying that it is worth what someone will pay. Hard to put a price on a refrigerator this old.

How much horsepower does a 366 cid gm have?

There are several horsepower options for 366 cubic inch General Motors engine. The largest General Motors horsepower option was 420 horsepower.

How much Chevrolet's company worth?

Chevrolet is manufactured by General Motors. Their stock as of 10/16/08 was selling for $6.33 per share. The company is heavily in debt at this time. Value is hard to determine, but would be in the billions.

How much would a mercury force 75hp 1997 model in excellent condition be worth?

A mechanic told me it would be worth, unfortunately, about $800. It's possible that "excellent" condition might push its value up a hundred or two. Resale value to the general public might be more. I think these 75hp motors between ca. 1996-99 were reliable motors, but the Force name in general has a bad reputation. And some parts are getting hard to come by -- and expensive (e.g., lower unit). FWIW // joel