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yes,there are certain types discounts on student car insurance

1.Students who works hard in college to get good grade earn a good discount on car insurance ,because insurance company determined that good students are good drivers,

2.Students can save lot of money if he or she is good students in college ,and the percentage of savings is different,it depend on insurance company

3.Resident Student Discount-there are many students who are living away from school or colleges,they may use car certain types,so they may be listed in thier parents's policy, Resident Student Discount, student can save money,because he or she is not considered the main driver ,he or she is secondary operator,so interst rate will not be high as young driver

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Q: How much is the good student discount on auto insurance?
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Can I get a good student discount on my car insurance?

State Farm, Esurance, Allied, and Allstate all offer good student discounts on auto insurance.

How does an auto insurance company define a student for student discounts?

Depends on the carrier. Most will consider a full time student, age 25 or less, with an A or B average (or 3.0) for a good student discount.

What GPA qualifies you for a good student insurance discount?

A GPA of 4.0.

What types of student discounts exist for car insurance?

Most auto insurers give discounts to students who maintain a good GPA. Just being a student won't get you a discount in most cases.

Can a student find reasonable car insurance?

Yes most insurance companies will give a discount if the student gets good grades.

Can I get a good student discount on my auto insurance quote?

Go to You can get multiple quotes from several companies by simply answering a few questions. Once you have the quotes, you can contact the individual representatives to find out of a "good student" discount is offered. This generally requires that you submit your grade card each term in order to maintain the discount.

Will my children be eligible for a good student discount if they are home schooled?

Yes, even if they are home schooled, they are still eligible for a discount from auto insurance companies. But having good grades is not a guarantee that he'll automatically qualify for a lower insurance premium. He or she still must maintain a clean driving record.

Is there a place to get good car insurance with a student discount?

All the major insurers (State Farm, Progressive) offer student discounts.

Does AAA auto insurance offer discounts for high school and college students?

Several companies, including AAA, offer discounts for high school and college student. If you achieve a B average or better, they will give you a "good student discount."

Does it cost less money for car insurance when your grades are good?

Some insurance companies do offer a good student discount. Driver's ed always looks good also to insurance companies.

How can a customer get a discount on Tesco car insurance?

A customer can get a discount on Tesco car insurance by being a good to great driver while being a member. Like most auto insurance companies, Tesco offers a discount if you can stay accident free.

Can good students get discounts on auto insurance?

Allstate does offer good student discounts. You can visit them at