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As with all commercial insurance, it really just depends on the scope and volume of operations undertaken by the roofing contractor. The more jobs you take on, the more chance that something may go wrong. If you only do 4 or 5 roofs per year, then your coverage would be much cheaper than a roofer who does 150 roofs per year.

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Q: How much is liability insurance for a roofing contractor?
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How much professional liability insurance does a sole proprietor painting contractor need?

A contractor Buys Commercial Liability Insurance in the contractor class, not professional liability insurance. The amount needed is typically determined by the exposures presented or as specified by the employer.

What exactly is contractor liability insurance?

This insurance, though in some states isn't required is intended to protect the business owner from a wide variety of accountabilities and damages. It's much like car insurance only, for your business.

As an independent sub-contractor are you required to get professional liability insurance?

This depends on a number of things. It's hard to say without knowing what kind of work you are sub-contracting. First determine if you need Professional Liability coverage Or Commercial Liability Coverage. They are very different products. Most General Contractors do require the subs to carry insurance. Otherwise the General Contractor will have to pay much more for insurance coverage that effectively covers his or her own activities as well as those of the sub-contractors. If the General Contractor you are doing work for already has coverage for his subs under their insurance (usually not). What is the nature of your agreement with the General Contractor. Some Contractors insurance policies cover subs while others do not.

How much is insurance for a contractor in Idaho?

It depends on what type of contractor. Contact a local insurance agent who will be able to give you a quote.

How much is insurance for Maryland sub contractor licence?

You can buy general liability on Craigs avge is 1200.00 yr 900 down since minimum is usually 1m dollars even if you need less.

In Washington state how much auto insurance is necessary?


How much does it cost for contractor general liability insurance?

CGL premium rate are generally based on your annual receipts and your labor costs, payroll and costs of subcontractors. Also effecting your insurance rate will be whether you require your subcontractors provide you with proof of their own liability insurance for their work performed or if you are going to provide coverage for the Subcontractor as well under your own General Liability Policy. This greatly effects the risk factor associated with your coverage. The above being said, You could find a rate as low as 16 hundred dollars a year for a small contractor or several million dollars a year for a very large contractor. It really just depends on the volume of annual work to be covered and the scope of coverage needed.

How much personal liability insurance do Georgia car insurance laws require?

You will need the basic liability insurance. This means that you will be covered for the other person's car if you are in fact responsible for the accident.

How much premisis liability insurance does a k mart store carry?

That's up to Kmart. They can carry as much or as little coverage as they choose. There is no law that requires them to carry liability insurance at all.

Are there carriers writing general liability for residential general contractors who do shingle roofing and vinyl siding and sub out their labor?

There are many companies writing this type of liability insurance, although depending where you are in the country it can be a very limited number of choices. As I always recommend, working with an agent that specializes in this field can make the process much easier.

How much auto insurance liability is necessary?

The limits vary by state. Where are you?

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