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Q: How much is innocent idibia worth?
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What is the birth name of Tuface Idibia?

Tuface Idibia's birth name is Innocent Ujah Idibia.

How much is 2face idibia worth?

$60 million

How much did 2face idibia worth?

N800 million

How much does Tuface Idibia worth?

1 billion naira

What is two faces real name?

innocent ugah idibia

Is 2face idibia rich?

Of corse 2face idibia is rich.dat guy is worth around 500 million naira.he owns 3 houses,fleet of cars and of course women.

How tall is Tuface Idibia?

Tuface Idibia is 6' 8 1/2".

How much is a sweet and innocent collection doll worth?

They cost $1,000

Who sang the song you are my African queen?

2face Idibia/ TuFace Idibia

Who is the richest between mikel and 2face idibia?


Which state in Nigeria is 2face idibia from?

Benue state

Who sang the song 'my African queen'?

2face Idibia