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Q: How much is dolly partons park Dollywood net worth?
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How much is Dolly Parton worth?

As of 2009, Dolly Parton's net worth is around $900 to $950 Million. Dolly has been on the top of her game for years and is a legend. Dolly also owns the rights to her songs and has written nearly every song she has ever released. Dolly also owns and operates her own theme park called DollyWood. She is very down to earth. Dolly is very charitable. She remembers that she was born in a one room shack in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, and she has never forgotten that and that makes her one of America's greatest singing stars and her spirit and legend will be around for years and years to come.

How much does it cost to get into Dollywood?

For general admission, about $55.

How much is a Dolly Madison dollar worth?

i looked it up on bing and most websites say it is worth $10.00 in u.s currency

How much is the pink vinyl Dolly Parton 'Dance with Dolly' record worth?

I have the exact lp and wondered the same. But sadly enough I found it online (factory sealed) for only $7.99

Who is more famous Homer Simpson or Dolly Parton?

Probably Homer, Dolly doesn't have much of an audience outside the South

What perfume does Dolly Parton wear?


How much weight can a moving dolly support?

This will depend entirely on which type of dolly you are using. A dolly can in most cases carry anywhere between 500lbs to 2000lbs, but again, it depends entirely on the dolly.

How much education did Dolly have?

Dolly graduated from Sevier County High School in 1964. The day after she left for Nashville to pursue a career in music.

Who where dolly partons siblings?

dolly parton has lots of diffrent members of family but i do know some information which is the key to helping solve this mysery question. firstly she is Miley Cyrus Auntie which makes her involved with all the Cyrus family ,here are some of the relations. Brandi is Miley Cyrus sister which means Dolly partons niece is Brandi or mileys brother is called Trace or Chistopher which makes them her nephews, noah is mleys sister which makes her Dollys niece.That also means if dolly is mileys auntie Dolly would be either Billy Ray Cyrus or Tish Cyrus sister.Mileys Grandad died which means that dollys dad died,i think. hope this has helped! bye.

How much do Dollywood tickets cost for a family of five?

Dollywood tickets for a family of five depends on the age of the family members. Regular tickets for ages 12-59 cost $56 per ticket, tickets for ages 4-11 cost $44 per ticket, and tickets for 60+ cost $51 per ticket.

What magazine is better dolly or girlfriend?

Sorry, this is totally a personal choice question, which cannot be answered here. Fi16w: I much prefer Dolly, but really it's up to you to decide!

Can there be too much protein intake?

yes too much protein can make you fatter than the dolly lama