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= 3,000 shekels

= 60 minas

= 34.3 kilograms metric

= 75 U.S. pounds

Used as a measure of weight and money. If in today's money an ounce of Gold is worth $700 U.S., one talent is worth $840,000.

Ex. 38:24-29

1Kings 9:14

Matt. 18:24, 25:15-18

Rev. 16:21

This is probably not comparing apples to apples though since it does not take into account inflationary effects or whether using a talent of gold vs. silver.

Also a talent used in the Hebrew scriptures is different than the ones talked about in the Greek scriptures.

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According to the data given, one talent is worth $840,000 not $840.
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Q: How much is a talent worth?
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A unit of currency referring to silver was equivalent to 6,000 denarii where 1 denarius was worth a full days wages. Therefore a talent was a far greater value approaching 6 years worth of wages for labor. It was a lot of money.

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A talent is a measure that can be used for gold, silver, copper, or other substances. The ordinary talents (not for Temple-usage) weighed about 30 kilo. Let's assume that you're talking about silver. The silver talent had 3,000 shekels.Now you have to decide whether you're asking about today's worth (30 kilo silver at today's price) or its ancient purchasing power translated into today's food, rent, etc.; which was quite different. A single silver shekel was enough to support a small family for about one week.

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It is a measure of weight, not worth. Two types of Biblical talent were in use. The ordinary talent was about 30 kilos. You'll have to multiply that by whatever the price of silver is or was at a given time. The purchasing power of silver has changed drastically in history. The other talent was for sacred use such as Tabernacle or Temple property. It was close to 60 kilograms.

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