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I am not sure of how the prices are set in state of Illinois, but what I do know is that my 18 year old brother received a $500.00 ticket for not having insurance. So I would think twice before getting into a car that is not insured.

Also, the ticket MAY be reduced if you show up on the court date that was given to you. Once again that is a maybe.

I was charged with failure to provide proof of insurance and I live in IL. In this state we get TONS of people driving without insurance so there is a class or something you can take if you plead guilty normally they will olny make you pay for the class and court fees which is about 130 bucks if its your first offence I'm pretty sure its a form of diversion. If you don't go to the court date however, a warrent is issued for your arrest and your licence is automatically suspended. Either way you can work something out with the judge if that class isn't offerend in your part of IL worst case you have to send the circut clerk 20$ a month until your 500 plus court fees are payed off.

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Q: How much is a no insurance ticket in Illinois?
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