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A diamond is valued by its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. A local jeweler can look at your stone and give you a precise answer.

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Q: How much is a genuine diamond worth?
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Is a genuine clean diamond worth as much as a genuine diamond?

I think you are asking if a natural clean diamond is worth as much as a natural diamond that is Not considered clean? The answer is no. A clean diamond means that it is clear from imperfections. Now this can mean clear to the naked eye, or clear under a microscope. Of course the diamond that is clear under the microscope is much worth more than a diamond that is only clear to the naked eye.

How much is a genuine diamond colibri watch worth in perfect condition with box pillow and official paper?

Model number?

Are there differences between genuine diamond and diamond?

there's a clear difference, genuine diamond is genuine n diamond is not

Are genuine clean diamonds real and are they worth more than regular diamonds?

The term 'genuine, clean diamond' implies a generalist's description of what a gemologist would term 'natural, acceptably flawed diamond'. The term 'regular diamond' is as descriptive as 'regular human'. Any diamond is worth what someone will pay you for it.

Is the genuine diamond worth as much as diamond?

Your question is based in semantics, the key word being 'genuine'. A genuine diamond means an authentic diamond. Even mankind can manufacture an authentic diamond, given the carbon materials, heat, pressure and time. Gem quality diamonds are evaluated according to the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. Colour and clarity can be 'adjusted' by mankind, which lowers the value of an authentic diamond. A natural diamond formed deep within the earth's mantle, erupted to the earth's surface in a volcanic pipe, mined, brokered, cut and polished as a gemstone, that has not been adjusted or enhanced, is worth more than a diamond that has been altered or manufactured by mankind.

When was Genuine Diamond created?

Genuine Diamond was created on 2012-03-07.

How can you tell if your diamond is genuine?

A genuine diamond can be natural or lab-created. A certified gemologist can help you identify the source of your diamond, and whether the diamond is indeed a diamond.

How much white diamond worth?

Any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it.

How much is the smallest diamond worth?

Any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it.

Is a genuine diamond a real diamond?


Are genuine diamond the same as a real diamond?


How much is John F. Kennedy's signature worth?

A genuine signature of JFK is worth about 2.500$