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Q: How much is Park Place worth on a Monopoly board?
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What is the color of the property known as Park Place in the game Monopoly?

The propery Park Place is the shade of blue. It is one of the two in that color. They are the most expensive properties on the board. It is a pair with Board Walk.

Is South Park ever going to release a Monopoly board game?


What color is park place in monopoly?


Which board game has streets named bow street and park lane?


What colours are mayfair and park lane on the monopoly board?


What are the names of the blue monopoly properties?

park place and boardwalk

What monopoly square that you want to avoid?

Boardwalk and Park Place

Where is the boardwalk from Monopoly?

In classic Monopoly, it is the dark-blue monopoly : only Boardwalk and Park Place.

In classic Monopoly what color represents the most expensive street names?

Blue for Boardwalk and Park Place.

Where is Park Avenue located on the Monopoly game board?

Park Avenue is one of the two most expensive properties on the board, they're located just before the Go square. Park Avenue is the cheaper one of the two, 3 spaces before Go.

What is the Blue monopoly square called?

There are two blue spots in monopoly. They are park place and boardwalk. In other verison, they are known as the most expensive properties.

How much is the Luxury Tax in Monopoly?

The Luxury Tax in Monopoly is $75. It is found between Park Place and Boardwalk.The U.S. edition of Monopoly raised it's Luxury tax to $100. Monopoly is not the only place you can find a Luxury tax. Many high end hotels charge them.