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That will of course all depend on how you set it up. In my experiences the possibilitys are endless.You can put some serious cash in to one and run just as much as you want.

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Q: How much horsepower can you put in an 305 motor?
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How much horsepower can a nova have?

It depends 9on what motor you put in it

Can you put 454 head on a 305 motor?


What do you need to do to put a 350 from a 1988 truck in a 1997 truck that had a 305?

A pineapple grenade because you are about to mess up the 88 truck has a weak motor prob don't have as much power as the 305 vortec don't do it get computer and motor from a vortec to put in the truck

How much horsepower does a 2.3 liter mustang car have?

Actually the out put of this motor is 98 horse power

How do you line up motor mounts on a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo if their was a 229 and you put in a 305 engine?

you have to buy the V8 motor mounts for your year Monte and bolt them in to fit the 305.

What is the largest horsepower engine you can put in a 1992 Toyota Celica gt?

First off, the engine you need is the 3s-gte. If you have this motor it all depends on how much money you can generate. If lots of dollars are available, you can build a motor exceeding +800 horsepower!

How much power steering fluid to put in a 1980 305 Chevy motor?

The cap should have a dipstick attached to it with lines on it for hot & cold levels

Changed 305 motor and now will not start?

put a 305 in a 95 gmc 1500 now it want start.We put a new fuel pump in and its still want fire.

Can you put a 305 motor in a 95 probe?

sure u can u can put any motor in any car if u wish to with a lot of work tho but dont wast time with a 305 get a 350 better and chearper to build hp

Is it possible replace a 115 hp motor with a 34?

No. The horsepower that is needed to operate equipment comes from the manufacturer's specifications. Engineers compute the required horsepower needed to operate the equipment efficiently. To put a smaller horsepower motor to do the same work as the existing motor will most likely burn the motor out.

Can you put a 350 motor bored to a 370 in a 1983 z28 camaro that currently has 305?


How do you put a350 Chevy motor in a1989 Chevy pick-upthat has a 305?

It will bolt right in but, the "Y" pipe on the exhaust system from the 305 will not fit on to the 350.