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Hair growth is a very individual thing. The general average hair growth is about .5 inches a month. Hair growth is very cyclical with both growth and dormant periods - for some growing hair is the hardest thing to do while others can't cut it fast enough.

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Q: How much hair can someone grow in a lifetime?
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How much hair will the average human grow in a lifetime?

The average Human will grow up to 500 kilometers of hair in a lifetime. That is roughly 950 miles of hair!

How much does human hair grow in a month?

Your hair grows .75 inches in a month

How much hair supplies are you going to use in a lifetime?

It depends on the person and how much hair supplies the person uses.

Does an avocado make your hair grow and if it does how much does it make your hair grow?

Plant oils in general help increase hair growth. How much it makes hair grow varies from person to person.

How much hair does someone eat in a lifetime?

Not any if possible. Only let one get away.Of course people eat hair they aren't even aware ofthroughout their lifetimes! Around 40 lbs. of it, as a matter of fact.

How much will your hair grow in 9 months?

Your hair will grow 4-8 inches in 9 months. It depends on how fast your hair grows

How much does hair grow in a week?

not even a millimeter

How can you grow you hair longer?

hair grow fastest at night, hair will regenerate it self when a few of the hair is fall. few person grow their hair faster than usual because of their genetic and few of them losing hair because to much of cosmetic, be sure not to use so much hair color or cosmetic because it will inhibit or miscarriage the hair progress. i hope this question can help

How much pubic hair should you have at 13?

Not much as at that age puberty has not long started. As they grow so will the hair.

How much does your hair grow in one week?

6 feet

How much does your hair grow in 3 months?

2 inches!!

How much hair does your hair grow each day?

about 0.44 a day but it really depends on your jeans