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Q: How much gold pieces do leprechauns give you if you capture then?
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Why do leprechauns give their gold away?

Because if you find a leprechaun their soppuse to give you their gold

How do you get a leprechauns pot of gold?

You have to: A. Capture it and get it's gold in return for setting it free B. Go to the end of a rainbow

Why are leprechauns so popular?

they are little green men who give you gold.

How can a human keep the leprechauns gold?

A human can keep the leprechauns gold if they answer the leprechauns three riddles.

How do you trick a leprechaun into keeping their gold?

Take the Leprechauns hat (which is his most valuble item) and he'll beg for it back. Don't give it back to him and say give me your gold and I will give you your hat. He will give you his gold and you will have to give him his hat!

Do leprechauns protect their gold?

In the stories, leprechauns protect their gold. However leprechauns are just in folk tales, they are not real.

What do leprechauns carry with them?

Leprechauns carry pots of gold with them.

Do you have to look leprechauns in the eye for the gold?

You have to take his most valuable idem; his hat. If he beggs for it back, say give me the gold!!

Why do leprechauns keep their gold from people?

Because Leprechauns and the rest are real and the Irish are smart.

Why do leprechauns carry pots of gold?

It's an Irish myth that if you find the end of the rainbow, they give you that as a prize.

How much gold do leprechauns have?

Leprechauns work as shoe cobblers for fairies and are paid with gold. The amount of gold leprechauns have depend two things: How good of a shoe cobbler it is and how many shoe it has mended.Hope this helps.

What is the legend of leprechauns?

Part of it is that they live at the bottom of the rainbow where they guard a pot of gold, which if you capture them you can keep part of, but if you turn away from the Leprechaun he/she will disappear, along with the pot of gold, or you will be transported somewhere else and not find it again. Same is with the gold.