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About 150 grams is stored in liver and about 150 grams is stored in muscles.

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Q: How much glycogen does the average person store?
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Glucose is stored in the liver and muscles as a large polysaccharide called?

Glycogen. Plants store energy in starch.... Mammals store their excess energy in glycogen.

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Most animals store glucose as glycogen in liver and muscles .

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How much glycogen can the liver store?

All together the avg. human can store approx. 500-600g of glycogen. Skeletal muscle holds twice that of the liver,, so approx. 200g for the liver and 400g for the muscle. In endurance type sports like cycling at 70%vo2max this equates to about 2 - 2.5hrs of exercise before glycogen depletion but this varies from individual to individual based on how well trained the athlete and the training protocols used. It is interesting to note that the body places a pref on liver glycogen over muscle glycogen during prolonged exercise and that fasted exercising increases overall glycogen storage capacity. whether in the muscle alone or liver or both is uncertain.

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