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Millions! even when you wash them they aren't fully clean-

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Q: How much germs and bactria are on your hands?
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How much percentage of germs is left on your hands after washing them?

i think about 50 to 60 percentage of germs is left on your hand

Is germs located more in hair or hands?

More germs are in the hair than hands!

Picture of hands with germs and hands without germs?

From dirty things, direct contact(from other people) and others.

Are there more germs in your mouths than your hands?

A person has more germs in their mouth than on their hands. Saliva has enzymes that prevent germs from forming, while your hands touch things such as doorknobs all day which are infested with germs.

Which one removes more germs washing your hands or germ x?

Germ-x kills pretty much all the germs, but washing your hands only removes them ,and they go down the sink. They don't die though.

How do germs form?

by not washing hands ?

How many germs are there in your hands?


How germs form?

by not washing hands ?

When you wash your hands, do more bubbles on your hands mean more germs?


How can you get germs on your hands?

I almost think you are kidding. Everything you touch, all day, every day, puts germs on your hands.

What percentage does soap kill germs?

Soap kills 79% of germs off of your hands.

What can harmful germs do?

Germs are of course harmful all of them are harmful! Harmful germs make people sick and cause rare diseases like blood diseases and like swine flu. Remember that germs right now are in your hands and wash them with soap and water before eating, after eating, and after going to the bathroom, since germs are also living things they can be harmful.Also germs spread when after playing in dirt you dont wash hands and touch the door of the house or school some germs spread from your hands to their hands and then they spread when someone else touches the door: go to Google, type germs and see images of those things in hands! Dont get away!