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Q: How much generator to run a 3 ton air conditioner?
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Will a 1000 watt generator run a 5000 btu air conditioner?


Can a 2000 watt run a camper air conditioner?

Not really. A 2000W generator will give you about 10 amps. Your normal RV air conditioner will draw 12-15.

Can a 120V generator run a camper's air conditioner?

Well all generators with a few exceptions produce 120 volts. What will determine if a generator will run your air conditioner is the number of watts the generator will put out. You need to learn the wattage needed by the air conditioner and also learn the max watts put out by the generator you have (Assuming you have one already) it the generator produces more watts that needed by the AC unit you are good to go. Not on the other hand if the generator you have dose not produce enough watts or you do not have one then it is a matter of buying a generator with the wattage required by the AC unit in your camper. Now if you are going to buy one I would also determine what else you would like to run from the generator (in addition to the air conditioner. Figure out the watts need by these items add them together with the watts needed by the AC unit. Then buy a generator big enough for your needs.

What generator should be used for running 1.5 ton air conditioner?

3 kva genrator myt be required to run 1.5ton ac.

How much to run a 2 ton air conditioner for 1 month?


Why every time you run air conditioner mold starts to appear on clothes and shoes in your closet?

Mold forming means there is too much moisture in the air. So, your air conditioner is putting out too much humidity.

How much does it cost to run the air conditioner at Chase Field Arizona during the game?


How much it cost to buy a small air conditioner?

A small air conditioner comes in many forms. The ones you install into the wall like mitsubishi electric ones run in the hundereds and into the thousands. Now stationary and portables run at $300 and less.

Is there an air conditioner that runs on solar energy?

There are no air conditioner's here currently available that run only on solar energy.

Can you run an air conditioner on its side?

No, the oil will run out of the compressor causing it to seize. An air conditioner can be stored on it's side but if it is allow 24 hours before starting it.

Do you need antifreeze in the radiator to run the air conditioner in a car?


How much is the labor for replacing a home air conditioner compressor?

I Beleive the labor will run you $300-$400 depending on your situation.