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Q: How much freedom is need for teenager?
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Freedom of teenager at home?

freedom of a teenager at home should be based on Trust,Maturity,Responsibility in a gud home.

How much sodium does a teenager need?

not more than 11mg.

How much sodium does a typical teenager need?

not more than 11mg.

Is giving people freedom always giving them something good?

no because with freedom comes responsibility and some people cant handle too much responsibility think about when a parent gives a teenager more freedom is that always good?

How much physical activity does a teenager need per day?

60 minutes.

How do you interact with autistic teenager?

By always giving them their space, freedom and gap in attention. Only give them what they want and as they grow, so will their understanding and they will come to you if their need be.

How much protein does a teenager need per day to bulk up?

i dont know the answer

How much carbohydrates should a typical teenager need?

300000000 would be a good number

What are the disadvantages for a 16 year old to become an member of parliament?

Losing much freedom and happiness originally owned by a 16 years old teenager.

Is it better to get 8 or 9 hours of sleep if you are a teenager?

When your a teenager you need as much sleep as you can get, because you will be more alert during the day and you will be able to think clearer. You need to get as much sleep as you can :) Kautilya-I agree.But actually it depends,if u are exhausted,let your body rest as much as it wants.But usually for every teenager,8 hours of sleep is very necessary.

How much iron do vegetarian teenager need daily?

a banana a day will keep the vegetarianstrong everyday :)

Do you like or dislike to be a teenager?

I like being a teenager, because you get more freedom. also, thats when u become a man, or woman. your body develops.