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Q: How much for each episode of Moonshiners?
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How much does the cast of moonshiners make per episode?


How much money does the cast of moonshiners make per episode?


How much does the cast of moonshiners get paid per episode?

The cast of "Moonshiners" gets paid a whopping $30,000 per episode. This does not include the other money they receive for their memorabilia and guest appearances.

Did Sprint Cars start with moonshiners racing each other?

No that was NASCAR

When was The Moonshiners created?

The Moonshiners was created on 1916-05-14.

How much does the last frontier crew make each episode?

How much per episode for Alaska the last frontier

How much money does Jake t Austin get each episode?

He make about $20,000 each episode of wizards of waverly place.

Where is Tim and tickle from moonshiners now?

They just finished their latest season of Moonshiners.

How much do the little couple get for each episode?


How much money does Whitney port get paid for each episode of the city?

50 euro an episode

How much did it cost to make a stargate universe episode?

each episode has a budget of $2 million

How much does it cost to make one episode of ncis?

it cost's $2.5 million dollars $500,000 Goes to mark harmon each episode $250,000 goes to michael weatherly each episode $250,000 goes to Cote de pablo each episode $250,000 goes to sean murray each episode $250,000 goes to pauley perrette each episode $250,000 goes to David Mcallum each episode $100,000 goes to rocky carroll for each episode he is in $150,000 goes to Brian Deitzman each episode he is in $500,000 for filming and crew members